There is a rehabilitation center, a surgery center, a nursing home, a security company, a property management office, and a private school named after this seven hills reference.  This can be quite confusing to most since the majority of Florida is rather flat. 

A map from 1885 would provide the origin of this name. According to the map it shows downtown Tallahassee as being on a single hill with seven major arteries leading into the city. 

In order to arrive in Tallahassee from any direction, you would have had to travel up a hill. There are seven locations in Tallahassee that are considered the highest elevations and they are ...

1. Goodwood Plantation – elevation of 216 feet

2. Old Fort Park – elevation of 212 feet

3. Mission San Luis – elevation of 208 feet

4. Old Capitol – elevation of 207 feet

5. The Grove Plantation – elevation 204 feet

6. FAMU (Lee Hall) – elevation 192 feet

7. FSU’s Westcott Hall – elevation 176 feet

Why not pick a wonderful autumn day in November and go out exploring and see these locations for yourself?! With our temperatures decreasing, now would be a wonderful time to make it happen. 

Stay classy, Tallahassee!