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Ron Rice

Ron Rice


Ron Rice has a wealth of hands-on customer service experience.

Although the bulk of his 21 year career has been primarily resided in the business to business world, the values and principles that have made him successful will continue to serve him well. Ron’s sales background has underscored the importance in understanding customer needs and desires and creating long term lasting relationships.

Ron regularly hears from past customers for as an example of the lasting relationships that he forges. Ron started Joe Manausa Real Estate because of the unique approaches and systems that were developed and employed outside of the real estate industry were missing an needed in home sales. Ron stated,

“While I had many opportunities to join other organizations, I could not find one that adequately embraced bringing customer service and technology to help customers buy and sell homes. I am certain that Joe Manausa Real Estate is rewriting the book for the Real Estate Industry!”

Ron recently relocated to Tallahassee in 2012 with his wife, Pamela and their son, R.J. Ron and his family are enjoying living in the Capital City.